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Common International Law Issues: What You Should Know


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Every nation has its own set of laws and whether a citizen or visitor, we are all bound by that country’s laws. There can be significant differences between countries regarding the law, so it is always wise to read up on the culture and laws prior to visiting a foreign country.

Here are a few common international legal issues that arise.

  • Visa Overstay - When visiting a foreign nation, you need to have a valid visa; this can be obtained from that country’s embassy in your home country. In some cases, you can receive a visa-on-arrival, which is usually for 30 days and is stamped in your passport during entry. In the event you overstay your visa, you will have to pay a fine to immigration and if it is a long overstay, you could be sent to jail and/or deported, while blacklisting is also possible.

  • Breaking A Law In A Foreign Country - If you are in a foreign country, you could inadvertently break a law without realising it and if there is a language problem, it can be a bit of a nightmare. It might be a litter violation, or a driving offence, or something more serious like drug possession.

  • Business Conflict - When a local company enters into an agreement with a foreign entity, there can be conflicts. Perhaps the foreign customer is unhappy with the product and they file a lawsuit for compensation, which would be heard in the country of manufacture. Should you wish to file a lawsuit against a Thai manufacturer, for example, contact one of the top Bangkok international law firms and they can lodge the lawsuit and help you prepare your case. A Google search is also a way to help you find reputable international firms in other locations.

  • Import/Export - The exporter sends goods to the customer and should the client be dissatisfied with the goods, they would refuse the consignment. If the conflict is not resolved, it could lead to legal proceedings and the party that wishes to file a lawsuit would hire an international lawyer.

  • Divorce - When two people of different nationalities marry, the country where they registered the union might or might not be where they reside. If the couple wish to divorce, the case would be handled in the country where the marriage was registered. If there is a language issue, this compounds things - hire an English-speaking lawyer at the very outset and you should be fine. Some cross-cultural couples marry in both countries and in such a case, they would have to divorce in both.

  • Working Illegally - Of course, you can’t work in a foreign country unless you have permission (work permit) from the government. There can be serious consequences if a person is caught working without a permit, and if ever you need a lawyer, this would be it. If you are intending to work in a foreign country, check online regarding work entitlement, then apply for the correct visa.

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It is very important to be aware of laws when in a foreign land and should you fall foul of the law, talk to an English-speaking lawyer as soon as possible.


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