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The Generally Asked Questions About Ballistic Glass Doors



You might have heard the term “bulletproof glasses”. This is a very common thing to say in the security industry, but the truth is, there are no such glasses that can offer 100% protection against all types of bullets. Thus, getting a high-quality ballistic glass door would not guarantee full protection, but it can save you to a great extent. The bulletproof doors come with a varying level of ballistic protection, which means different bulletproof doors can withstand different levels of impact. When you buy a ballistic glass door, ensure that it has the right level of ballistic protection glass, and it should also come with a secured aluminum or steel framing.

Working Of The Ballistic Glass Door

The bulletproof glazing on the glass is made with various materials; however, the most effective ones are made of this glass-like material, called polycarbonate. This material would make your ballistic doors strong, stiff, and much more efficient to withstand different levels of impact.

These doors will stop several bullets before it gets weak enough to get penetrated. Thus, It gives enough time for the people present inside to call the police or barricade themselves somewhere more secure. Therefore, it is one of the essential tools that can save lives.

Types Of Ballistic Glass Doors

As mentioned earlier, the ballistic doors are made of various glass-like materials, and they offer different levels of security from bullets. To understand what type of ballistic glass door you need in the property, contact an experienced security glazing consultant. They would appreciate your property conditions and perceived level of threats to help you make the right choice. You should also go for ballistic door framing to ensure superior protection.

The Rating Syste

It is very important to know how bullet-resistant a given door and frame is, and thus you should always look at a ballistic rating before making a purchase. Go for the doors that come with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings, like UL 752. It is a global industry standard in all types of safety and security products.

A ballistic glass door can receive UL 752 rating with levels 1-8. For example, a UL 752 ballistic glass door with a level 1 rating can resist around three shots from a 9mm handgun. Whereas a UL 752 ballistic glass door with a level 8 rating can resist around five rounds of firing from an assault rifle.

One of the best things about ballistic glass doors is that they can be customised to fit into all types of framing systems. The polycarbonate glazing on these glasses look very typical and thus provide the needed security without changing its appearance or functionalities. In addition, it does not block natural lights, and you will also get complete visibility using these bulletproof doors.


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