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Extension Ladder Vs Telescopic Ladder: Comparison


Ladders are essentially used for commercial and industrial use. They are available in different sizes and heights so that you can use them for reaching maximum height. Here we have two ladders - an extension ladder and a telescopic ladder. These ladders are made up of strong material and are lightweight. They are built very well and ensure a completely safe working experience. Now, the question arises which one is best? Is there any major difference? Well, both have their functionality, versatility and durability. For more differences, you can read this blog. In this blog, we have mentioned some aspects that adequately differentiate them.

Extension Ladder Vs Telescopic Ladder: About

Extension Ladder

Extension ladders or traditional ladders are commonly used in homes, industries and so on. They are built well and popular for their higher reach features. They are thoughtfully designed in a tumbling manner, which allows you to reach the high working area. They take less storage space so that you can keep them even in a small section of the home. Generally, an extension ladder comes with two single sections, but many other extension ladders have three-section. This type of ladder is available in different materials like fibreglass, wood and aluminium. With less storage length, they can be adjusting in less amount of space.

Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic ladders are a bit similar to extension ladders. These ladders are newly innovated and can hold weight up to 300 pounds. Mostly, they are made up of aircraft-grade aluminium which is even stronger and durable. Typically, a telescopic ladder is an ideal option for industrial use. Besides this, they can store it in less space.

Extension Ladder Vs Telescopic Ladder: Difference

1. Height - The extension ladder can extend up to 3.82 m while the telescopic ladder's extended height is 3.85 m.

2. Durability – A telescopic ladder comes with an even smaller storage footprint as compared to an extension ladder. It solely depends on you how long you used ladders and for which use.

3. Comfort and Grip – This is the best way to know an accurate difference. Comfort and good grip are the two major factors considered by every user. However, a ladder can't be used for more than 15 minutes at a time. To check proper comfort, you can take a trial of 15 minutes. Apart from this, you can check the ladder step's shape. An extension ladder or traditional ladder usually has 2-2 rungs, while a telescopic ladder has square rungs. Both varieties of ladders can hold maximum weight. But in the term of strong grip, an extension ladder is far more comfortable.

4. Storage – Another best way to differentiate is, storage height. A ladder is moved from place to place for different work purposes. So, that is important to have specific storage for it. Traditional ladders or extension ladders can store at 2.4 m height; on the other hand telescopic ladders can be stored at 0.9 m height.

5. Cost – An extension ladder is available at less cost. On the other hand, the telescopic ladder is by far the expensive one.


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