Friday, May 14, 2021

How To Prevent Tooth Pain?



Tooth pain is one of the most usual problems that you can face. However, if you’re feeling such pain, it’s necessary to consider the source of your pain. Only then you would be able to figure out the method to get relief from the ache. 

You can try some simple homemade and natural remedies to get rid of minor tooth pain. However, if the issue is severe and long-lasting, visit a dentist. 

Simple remedies to get rid of tooth pain 

Following are some simple methods that you can use to cure your tooth pain:-

        Rinse your teeth with Hydrogen Peroxide– This rinse or mouthwash is very useful for inflammatory aches. Along with decreasing the amount of plaque, it also kills the bacteria. Hydrogen Peroxide also cures the affected gums. 


        Apply tea bags on affected portions– Another very useful home remedy is tea bags. They cure the sensitivity of the teeth and gums and help to reduce the pain. Warm bags on the sensitive areas would give a soothing feeling. 


        Apply the extract of Vanilla on damaged areas– The extract of Vanilla comprises an alcohol. Alcohol is utterly useful to soothe tooth pain. It has features of antioxidants. Apply it to affected areas with the help of a cotton pad. 


        Use crushed leaves of Guava– This is an ingredient that ensures anti-inflammation. Also, the leaves are antimicrobial. Hence, crushed leaves of Guava can be an excellent pain healer. 


        Use diluted Thyme as mouth wash– This antibacterial ingredient if diluted with water can be utilized as an excellent mouthwash to heal tooth pain. It also contains antioxidants. 


        Rinse your teeth with salted water– This is a first-aid treatment to heal tooth pain. This naturally produced disinfectant can relieve you from inflammation and other oral lesions. Often, it is suggested by a professional Finchley Dentist.  


        Use crushed garlic– Crushed garlic is extremely beneficial for removing harmful bacteria. It removes plaque and heals pain as well. 


        Dab clove oil on an affected portion– For a long time, clove and the oil extracted from the clove are used to cure tooth pain. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and can be used as a mouthwash when diluted with water. 


        Use the juice of Wheatgrass as a mouthwash– This particular ingredient has several curing abilities. It prevents any kind of dental infections. The high amount of chlorophyll in it is useful to kill harmful bacteria. 

These are some simple ingredients that would help you to prevent toothache at its initial stage. However, if you’ve symptoms like severe swelling, fever, abnormally bleeding gums, breathing problems, you should immediately consult a dentist. They would prescribe you some medical relievers based on the type of your tooth pain. 


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