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Why can stress interfere with an erection?


Did you know that stress can impact your love life?

During their lifetimes, men can experience erection difficulties, often caused by psychological and personal circumstances. This article describes psychogenic erectile dysfunction (ED) and the treatment for erectile dysfunction induced by anxiety.

We know the anti-stress properties of love, but much less the influence of stress on love life—professional difficulties within the couple. There is no shortage of causes of concern. To not fall into a downward spiral that hurts the man's daily life and the couple in problem, solutions exist.

Indeed, stress and erection are intimately linked: all our moods affect libido, particularly the quality of erections. Lifestyle habits, like emotional state, are vital factors for libido and the quality of erections.

This primordial question: why does stress - and on a larger scale, psychological status - impact erection? What are the answers to remedy it? For help or personalized advice, love therapists are available to you online.

Erectile dysfunction: beware of stress

Decreased desire, the regularity of intercourse, or erectile dysfunction can take a toll on your love life. In France, 21% of sexually active men are usually affected by erectile dysfunction. That is, they have difficulty keeping or getting an erection. Fildena and vidalista 60 are also great for men’s health problem of love.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be organic, psychological, or in response to medication treatment. Disorders of physical origin usually affect men over 50. Indeed, in men under 40, erectile dysfunction is typically due to psychological circumstances:

·        Anxiety;

·        Stress;

·        Depression;

·        Relationship difficulties;

·        Difficulties found in past relationships.

Note: if erections still happen at night, in the morning, or during masturbation, the diseases are generally of psychological origin.

Erection difficulties and stress

You may have already seen that stress at work and your commercial or family concerns can affect your erection or even your loving desire. This is due to the reduced activity levels in your brain areas involved in arousal through times of intense stress.

Stress also tends to confuse and make it difficult to concentrate. Your hormones are also affected by your stressful episodes, specifically cortisol, which the body acts in response to stress, which can cause intimate problems. This is why you must recognize the cause of your stress.

There are natural answers, such as improving your lifestyle, adapting your diet, and giving up your addictions (tobacco), which can play an important role in relieving your erectile dysfunction. Here you will find more suggestions: natural solutions to treat erection difficulties.

Why can the psychological state conflict with erection?

It is a relatively simple idea to think that psychological factors stress, anxiety, stress can cause erection difficulties. These psychological factors influence intimate arousal, which can cause a decrease in desire and, therefore, a reduction in an erection.

So how can psychological circumstances like stress or anxiety reduction arousal?

There are many possible explanations:

First, when we are preoccupied with a difficulty or a situation, brain activity is built, and logically, we are less "available" for fun, passion, and loving pleasure. Secondly, when we experience a state of depression or sadness, our vitality is diminished: we lose the urge to "do things," the impulse, or our "life drive."

Therefore, we can lose the passion for having sex or wanting to, but with less emotion, because our mind is "outside."

In general, anything that can occupy the mind from the present moment can harm desire and libido; Stress is an important portion, not just for sex, but for general health.

However, we know the health advantages of love, but we usually forget to specify love's mental health benefits. It often appears that erectile dysfunction shows other pathologies: trouble or physical or cerebral fatigue, etc.

And very often, humans can overcome these problems at the chance of aggravating them and having adverse repercussions; the problem is that it can hide these psychological factors from others' eyes, but they cannot be without consequence if they are not treated.

If you experience intimate difficulties, do not delay talking to a sexologist: there are answers in 95% of cases.33% of stressed men experience regular erectile dysfunction

According to the survey results, the significant variables that favor this type of the disease are stress, age, and place of residence (men who live in the Parisian agglomeration are more affected), and dependence on screens. We learn that 33% of men who frequently encounter erectile dysfunction are usually stressed. Use tadalista or vidalista 40 to treat your ED problem.

Get out of the spiral of frustration

But while love can be stress-relieving, the fear of bankruptcy can be a source of high anxiety. Thus, we no longer know who the egg is and who the chicken is—Stress inducing erectile dysfunction, themselves a cause of great concern.

Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction

Intimate performance anxiety is the first cause of psychogenic erection difficulties. Some possible causes of performance anxiety include matters about the duration of erection or the failure to satisfy the partner. This type of anxiety can start early in a relationship, in an unusual, intimate situation, or after a first failure.


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