Wednesday, November 4, 2020

What are the benefits of car ceramic coating?



Applying a layer of protective coating on the car is one of the most basic and important things that a car user could do it preserve the showroom aesthetics of a car. This process has been there for a very long time and with time, coating material has improved and we finally have a ceramic coating which is comparatively better than almost every type of coating. This is why the demand for ceramic coating has been increasing in recent years. If you are a new car user and if you do not know the key benefits of a ceramic coating, then here is a list of benefits that you could enjoy.

The ceramic coating offers an extra layer of protection for the vehicle –

One of the major benefits of ceramic coating for cars is that it could protect the vehicle from several environmental and common elements. However, you must know that ceramic coating is not perfectly scratch proof. It could protect the paint job from scratches but will not protect itself from scratches. On the other hand, the ceramic coating could protect the car from UV rays, moisture, coolant and brake fluids, lubricants, oil, gasoline, etc.

Durable –

The ceramic coating itself is durable, as far as we know, a good ceramic coating could last up to 3 to 4-years if maintained and done in the right way. At the same time, it could also extend the lifespan of the original car paint job. As long as the ceramic coating is intact, the paint job would be protected.

Easy of cleaning –

Ceramic coated cars are easy to clean, while mud, dirt, and dust could stick on the paint job for a long time and accelerate the build-up this is not possible on the ceramic coating. These contaminants will not stick to the ceramic coating easily, therefore, the frequency of cleaning the car could be reduced.

No more waxing and buffing –

Once a car is ceramic coated you could avoid waxing and buffing completely. Yes, the ceramic coating does everything that waxing could offer. Therefore, the user does not have to wax and buff the car anymore.

The same fresh look for a long time –

If you take care of the ceramic coating in the right way, your car will have the same fresh aesthetics for a long time. This is true, the ceramic coating does not fade or wear off very easily, as long as it does not fade, the car will look fresh. However, the user needs to maintain the coating properly.

Expensive but cost-effective –

If you compare ceramic coating to other types of coatings, it is very expensive. However, the durability and efficiency of the ceramic coating are always superior. This makes ceramic coating cost-effective. Remember, one layer or cycle of ceramic coating could last for almost 3 to 4-years. This means, instead of waxing two or three times in 3 years, you need to do one layer of ceramic coating. The overall cost is almost the same.

These are the major and most known benefits of ceramic coating, if you are planning to ceramic coat your car, then it is the best thing that you could offer your car. 


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