Friday, August 7, 2020

How do interior lighting, framing and visual balance are necessary for the choice of home décor paintings?


No painting can be placed on your walls without proper framing. The painting needs to go well with the frame to give it an astounding look. Next to that if you are willing to maintain the look of the room, then lighting also plays an important role. If your light is too shiny, then the paintings would lose their integrity and would be useless on the walls.

Here are some of the things that you must know about all the three aspects mentioned in the heading that are quite essential factors for good home décor.

Framing aspects

The frame is what holds the painting firmly to be placed on the wall. It has a lot more role than that. The frames also attract the attention of the guests and develop their urge to explore the paintings. Some paintings come with simple binding, which means you do not necessarily need to frame them. But if you intend on doing that, then it would be definitely a better decision. For the historical or traditional paintings, you can go for a wooden frame to complement it. For the abstract and modern ones, you can go for sleek and vibrant frames. You can choose your frames from the wide range of collections as per your desires. But do consider the theme of your painting before you select one.

Lighting aspects

The attention of the visitors also relies upon the lighting of the house. If the light feels warm and soothing, they will run eyes around on everything that looks attractive beneath it. One such attractive house décor item that gets a vibrant look due to quality interior lighting are the wall paintings or artworks. To make sure that the lighting aspects of the painting are not hampered, you need to choose a frame that does not reflect light. Avoid placing the painting exactly opposite to a window to avoid excessive light falling on it.

Visual Balance aspects

Without proper visual balance, the room with the paintings or framed prints and the lighting would start to feel uncomfortable for the guests and also you. The paintings you choose must have repeating colours to add a qualifying visual balance to the room. For attaining, the placement of the painting becomes quite essential. In easy terms, the visual balance is all about maintaining a focal point for the painting to give the owners a chance to add other furnishing items around without creating a camouflage.  

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