Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to Give a Baby Bath in Baby Bath Tub?


Being a new parent is overwhelming; we feel no amount of caution is sufficient when it comes to the safety of the baby. Bathing a newborn is scary; mothers giving birth at the hospital would have the help of nurses when it is time to bath a baby. But once the mother and the baby are discharged and moved to a home, the real challenge of bathing a baby begins.

Read through this article to find out how and when to give a bath to a baby in a bathtub. This article covers steps involved in bathing and all the necessary precautions to be taken when bathing a baby.

When should parents start using the bathtub?

It is recommended by the doctors and experts to give a baby sponge bath with a damp cloth for the first few weeks. Your baby will be ready for a bathtub only when the umbilical cord stump dries off or falls off healing the area.

If you are a new parent and giving a bath to the baby for the first time use a kitchen sink or a small plastic tub. See here if good list of baby bath tubs:

How to give a bath to the baby in a bath tab?

The first step for bathing your baby is collecting all essentials bath supplies like towel, washcloth, body wash or shampoo, outfit, cotton balls, and lotion.

Once all the supplies are ready and within your reach begin the bath procedure by washing the baby's face without removing the clothes. This is mainly because some babies are not comfortable being naked or cold. Make sure you do not use soap for the face. Wipe the face of the baby with a damp cotton ball and nothing more.

The next step in bathing a baby is washing their hair. During shampooing the baby's hair ensure to support the baby’s spine. Hold the head of the baby back slightly and sprinkle it with warm water before shampooing. Once you apply the shampoo do not lather for too long, rinse with warm water and dry the area with the towel before proceeding.

At this stage undress the baby and start the bath in a tub. Lay the baby flat on a clean surface of the tub. Use a damp cloth with only a few drops of body wash and start cleaning the baby. Begin with the neck and work your way down, flip the baby on this stomach, make sure you support him and then wash the backside. Rinse the body wash off the baby with a damp cloth; drain the baby with a towel and rewrap it.


Bathing a baby is scary but once you learn the steps involved in a proper bath it can be done easily. As per health organizations and doctors new, born babies do not need a bath every day, once in three weeks is sufficient. 

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