Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Key Points That Can Help You Start Winning the Lottery

We have always told that lottery is a game of chance where the numbers drawn are chosen at random. There are enough proofs to certify that the machines used in drawing these numbers cannot be compromised in any way. We believe in all that, but then comes Richard Lusting who won lottery not once or twice but seven times in the past 2 years. You suddenly start feeling that either this man has come with golden luck or he has cracked some code of winning that no one knows. Well, it’s your lucky day because Richard is sharing his winning tips with you.

Here are some of the key points of his winning strategy that can help you start your winning streak.

Choose a Lottery to Play

Portals like Lottoland offer all major lotteries of the world, but you need to select one that you would be playing with all your resources. Trying your luck in multiple lotteries by playing randomly and buying a ticket or two will only waste your time and money.

Analyse Data to Choose Your Numbers

Once you have selected a particular lottery, say Powerball, you need to get the data of at least last 100-150 draws of this lottery. Analyse this data to find the numbers that have appeared the most and those that have appeared the least number of times in these draws. In Powerball, one has to choose five numbers between 1 and 69. There are 12 numbers that have come up very often like 32 has come up 75% more than the statistical average suggests. Similarly, in Powerball numbers, 9 has come up 84% times more than it should have been. You should choose your numbers after analysing the data for that particular lottery.

Make Use of Stats Rather Than Probability

While picking numbers, stats work better than probability because probability states that all numbers have an equal chance of getting drawn, but stats give a different conclusion. Powerball lottery stats have showed that 12 numbers between 1 and 69 have beaten the average by more than one standard deviation.

Buy More Tickets

Everyone knows a simple fact that to better your winning odds you need to buy more tickets. But, buying more will also put a strain on your pocket. To have better stakes without increasing your investment, play in a syndicate. Playing with a group of people who pool in their resources makes the downside limited, whereas it increases the upside significantly.

Play More of Unpopular Games

Instead of playing the common and popular lottery games, opt for games that are unpopular and are played at odd hours. The winning odds are always better in such games as not many people opt for these.

Lusting has been playing the lottery from almost 25 years. In this long time duration, he has learned a lot and finally came up with a winning strategy, which is working for him now. As he has won 7 Grand Prizes using his strategy, it is worth trying.


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