Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rakhi’s Your Brother Would Absolutely Love


We all know that Raksha Bandhan is the day sisters tie Rakhi’s onto their brother’s hand. However, what a surprising amount of people don’t know is that they have access to a whole load of unique Rakhi designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, you’ll surely find what you need thanks to online stores that sell Rakhi’s along with other religious products. Which is why we’ve curated this list of designer rakhi’s you can buy for your brother.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 unique Rakhi designs for your brother.

·         Peacock Rakhi’s

The Peacock is recognized as our national bird and it is known to symbolize awakening, spirituality vision, protection and guidance. Our culture tends to associate peacocks with good fortune, the ability to be patient and kindness. Which is why buying your brother a peacock themed Rakhi is not only unique, but thoughtful too. Plus, these Rakhi’s, if designed well can look extremely beautiful.

·         Swastika Rakhi

Swastika’s are considered to be highly auspicious symbols in Hinduism. Which is why getting your brother a swastika themed Rakhi is a good idea. The symbol is said to be able to promote good fortune within one’s life. Not just in Hinduism, but Jainism and Buddhism as well. So, if you want well being and prosperity to find their way into your brother’s life, this is the Rakhi you need.

·         Golden Rakhi

Gold has always and will always be the most auspicious colour and metal in Hinduism. It’s not only liked for its value and aesthetic appeal but is also demanded for the auspicious energy it’s said to carry. Hence the belief that buying anyone gold can bring good fortune into their life as well as yours. Which is why buying your brother a gold Rakhi is a good idea for the both of you.

·         Zardosi Rakhi’s

These Rakhi’s have been designed using ancient Zardosi embroidery techniques that originated in the middle east, before they eventually found their way to India. These Rakhi’s might look conventional but upon closer inspection, the differences are clear. Your brother will surely appreciate these designs as they just stand out when compared to the rest.

·         Lumba Rakhi’s

These Rakhi’s were created in order to bring your brother’s wife into the ceremonies as well. Lumba Rakhi’s have been made to be used as a “welcome to the family” gesture for the brother’s wife. It usually comes as a pair of two. One Rakhi for your brother along with a lumba Rakhi for his wife. The LumbaRakhi has been designed to dangle off bangles as it is for the wife, not the brother himself. This will not only cheer your brother up, but it’ll help his wife feel more welcome in the family.

So, keep these gifting ideas in mind before you start to browse for Rakhi’s. All of the above mentioned designs are available on the internet and one can even send Rakhi online directly to their brothers address. Whether it’s in India or abroad.

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