Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Debunking Some Common Myths About Flossing


You need not to visit the best dentist in Raleigh NC to know that flossing is extremely important for your dental health. This is exactly what you might be told when you visited dentistry for family dental care last week. However, there are some myths associated with flossing and we are going to debunk them today.   
You need to floss only when there is food caught in your teeth
This the best way for removing food particles trapped between your teeth. However, this is not the only reason for flossing. Don't you want to remove dental plaque? Plaque between teeth can cause gums inflammation, gum disease, tooth decay, and sometimes tooth loss.
Flossing is difficult
Flossing is a lot easier than you think. In case you don't know the right flossing technique, visit dentistry offering family dental care. The dentist can tell you about the right technique and may also recommend a device.
Flossing Is Painful
If you are using the right device, the right technique and your mouth is also healthy, this is not going to hurt at all. If you have gum disease or any other similar condition, flossing can be uncomfortable for you. However, it will become less painful with time. If flossing is causing pain or discomfort, see your dentist.
Stop Flossing If Gums Started Bleeding
Seeing blood is likely to be a little scary. However, it is pretty normal. Don't give up flossing due to bleeding. Sometimes, it is a wrong technique causing bleeding. Don't do it enthusiastically. Be gentler. If it bleeds a lot then take it seriously. It might be a sign of some other dental problem. If gums are inflamed, visit a dentist for a diagnosis. It may be gum disease.
Receding Gums become worse due to flossing
When correctly done, it can prevent gums from receding. When you are flossing, you are actually cleaning food particles and bacteria. Don't skip flossing if you are already suffering from hereditary receding gums and gingivitis. Flossing will prevent gums from further receding. However, do it gently. Otherwise, it is will speed up gum recession. Take the dentist’s advice.
Can't floss because teeth are very tight
If there is very little space between teeth, flossing can be challenging. However, don't skip flossing. You can use seesaw motion. You can move it forward and backward to maneuver the floss between the tight spaces. You can try wax floss or floss made from polytetrafluoroethylene. The slippery surface allows these flosses to slip between teeth. You can also find losses that are thinner.
Can’t floss because of braces
Flossing will be challenging for you. However, you must remove food and bacteria stuck between your teeth. Visit your dentist if you find flossing difficult. Learn about flossing technique that is good for you.
The filling will fall out due to flossing
If you keep fillings in good conditions, you need not to worry. However, a fractured or loose filling is destined to fall out anyway. Flossing can actually make you aware of problems like loose or fractured fillings.


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