Saturday, January 26, 2019

How to Perform Digital Marketing Yourself


Digital marketing has evolved over the years mostly because of the much bigger audience available today. There is a high demand for excellent digital marketers these days, thereby increasing the cost of hiring one for your business. Why not learn digital marketing yourself? It is pretty normal to feel intimidated about this, as digital marketing can be a bit technical. Fortunately, though, we have highlighted a few tips that will help you perform digital marketing yourself.

Why do you need to perform digital marketing yourself?

Digital marketing has to do with all your marketing efforts through digital media or channels. It involves using channels like social media, email, search engines and so on. Honestly, the fact that digital marketing spending in the US has increased from about $200.8 billion to about $306 billion alone is enough reason to want to learn digital marketing.

Another reason why you should perform digital marketing yourself is that it makes it easy to incorporate the marketing strategy into your business. This makes sense if you really think about it, as you would have a deeper understanding of your business than anyone you would employ or hire.

You will save even more time and money if you use automation tools, for example, email drip campaigns for email marketing. Such tools help users to automate the workflow and set the process on autopilot.

So, let’s look at how you can perform digital marketing yourself.

Performing digital marketing yourself

Pick a focus area

The truth is, digital marketing is quite broad and it is very unlikely that you would gain proficiency in every area, especially within a short time. It is therefore crucial that you choose areas that are similar, for easy specialization. There are three phases and multiple stacks you can make a choice from.

You need a platform for practice

You are going to need a place where you can practice digital marketing. Having a sandbox is an excellent idea, as it gives you a good platform to apply all that you are learning. The sandbox you choose should be very affordable or free, should have low stakes, and should be public. 

Once you get a sandbox, you can then apply the stack you choose. Remember that it is better to be specific while choosing your stack.


After choosing a platform for practice, a practice arena if you will, then you can start your practice. It is important that you set practice goals, as it would help you develop much faster. You can also get old templates that could serve as excellent practice materials.

Research and experiment 

The best way to get better at whatever you do is to do research and build your knowledge base. Then, you can now experiment using your acquired knowledge. This strongly applies to digital marketing, maybe because of its dynamic nature. 


After building your skill in digital marketing to an acceptable level, you can start performing digital marketing for your business. Especially, with the help of automation tools like drip campaigns it will be done quickly and easily. This would save you a lot of cash that would have been used to hire a digital marketer. 

Of course, it is vital that you build your skill up, as if you are going to be doing digital marketing yourself, then the success of your business depends largely on your skill. No pressure there. The tips highlighted here would help you in your quest for digital marketing mastery.

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