Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Five shopping tips for buying bridesmaid dresses online


The bridesmaid at the wedding needsto look as good as the bride and selecting a bridesmaid dress is not a trifling task. Buying a dress for the bridesmaid needs the same care and attention as buying the bridal dress. The growth of online shopping has ensured that there are many great offers when you buy online. Let’s look at some tips to help you shop online for bridesmaid dresses.

Get measured

At a regular shop, you would have someone measure you, but that is not available online. So, you need to get yourself measured so that you are able to specify the right measurements when you order online. You don’t want to order a dress that doesn’t fit. 

Have a budget

Fix a budget for the dress. When you buy online, you can expect a lesser rate than regular stores. The savings can be used for other expenses. There is plenty of good quality cheap bridesmaid dresses available online.

Decide the style

The type of dress – gown, chiffon, asymmetric, off-shoulder needs to be decided. Decide on the fabric – lace or satin and the color. Decide the type of dress based on the body type of the bridesmaid. While the bride may do the shopping, taking the bridesmaid’s opinion is a good idea. 

Know the timeline

All types of dresses and all types of sizes may not be readily available. Make sure you know the timeline for delivery of the dresses once you order. Do your shopping well in advance, so your dress will arrive well before the wedding.


Make sure the online store has a returns policy, so you can get the dress exchanged if it doesn’t fit you. This is the most important tip.


You can buy the bridesmaid’s dress online to get a good deal. Make sure you order in advance so you get the dress on time.

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