Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Check the Instruments in Your Car


Car instruments are vital for the correct functioning of the modern cars.To run your car smoothly especially if you are out on a long road trip on the highway, it is important for you to know how to check the instruments of your car, in case you feel, something might have gone wrong.

As learned from the experts of the Riverside Hyundai dealer any modern car will have six primary instruments that work in tune with each other monitoring every movement of the car. They are speedometer, tachometer, the gauges for fuel, oil-pressure and water-temperature and the voltmeter. If you find your car facing some difficulties while moving, and you don’t see any apparent reason for that, it could be that the instrument panel of your car is at fault. In that case, you either can try to solve a few of your own, while other parts can’t be repaired without a professional help. If that raises your curiosity, read on to know the tricks and tips of checking your car instrument panel.

Removing the Panel

To start with, the first thing you need to do is  removing the instrument panel which is the storehouse of all other major instruments of the car. At first you need todisconnect the battery before you start removing the instrument panel, to avoid any chance of short circuits.Then gently try to drag out the cowl off from its clips with the help of atweezer or a screwdriver. Check for the serrated fasteners fitted to one or two studs at the back of the instrument. They are meant to hold the clamp in its place. First you need to take them off with your hand. But be careful about not to touch sharp invisible objects.Try a pair of work gloves instead. Lastly remove all the cross-head screws while holding the instrument board firmly. Now consult your car service manual to find the right place for all the screws and the sequence in whichyou should follow the work. Make sure not to use your body strength to pull apart any component form the other.

Testing the Speedometer

As suggested by the experts of the Riverside Hyundai dealership, if you need to test out the car speedometer, you have to first start with connecting one side of the circuit tester to the earth terminal of the battery. Once you are done with removing and replacing the instrument panel, you can now easily connect the tester to the other terminal point of the instruments. Make sure that the lamp should be able to lit-up instantly and the instrument needle should get automatically registered. If you don’t see the light or movement, know that the instrument is still at fault. To test that, see that the speedometer drive cable is been turned normally when it is disconnectednear the gearbox end. If the speedometer still fails to register even when the cable is turning normally, you need to fit in a new instrument.

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