Thursday, August 30, 2018

The global problem of hair fall

Hair fall as a problem

Hair fall is a worldwide problem that is experienced by both the male and the female at any age in their lifetime. Although it is said the problem of the hair fall is very much genetic in some cases where the person faces this that has got transferred to him from his or her parents. Hair is not only a show for the man or woman it also acts as the protective barrier of the scalp. Due to the presence of hair the scalp does not get exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. These rays of the sun contains different ultra violet radiation that is so much potent that it causes a lot of mutation as well in the body and also deadly disease like cancer. It also controls the temperature of the body so that the body temperature does not get altered by the temperature of the external environment. Dandruff is another reason of the hair fall. The reason of the basis of which this dandruff occurs is not known properly however this problem is very much long staying as in most of the cases it won’t leave easily. Many medicines are present to protect it. Apart from that dandruff is very much embarrassing too. As the early dandruff signs and the symptoms appears it should be cleared off as soon as possible otherwise it might be serious in many cases.

How to treat the problem of dandruff

Dandruff is worldwide problem, although the main reason behind its occurrence is no0t totally known however there might be some connection of this dandruff with the fungal infection. Fungal infection are very much common among the human beings and they affect the human body topically. And there is another fact with the funguses that is they are very much hard to treat. The sole reason being that they are eukaryotic in nature and the human beings are too eukaryotic. So when medicines are applied they find a commonness between both of them so that they takes time to identify the main culprit and after they starts causing the cure. Ketoconazole is one of the most potent anti-fungal agents against the problem of the dandruff and they are very much efficient in removing them too. The dose of 2mg in the form of the shampoo is extremely helpful for the dandruff. They are also available in the form of the tablet and also in the form the cream and are applied in different need.

Natural remedies

Apart from that there are other remedies too. They are
  • Sunlight – Exposure to sunlight is very helpful in this case
  • Stress management- Stress should be manages as it will be helpful for the cause.
  • Tee tree oil- this natural compound is one of the most effective natural element for the skin and  its problems, etc.

There is a shampoo, ketomac shampoo commercially found uses ketoconazole as their component as is very much effective for the cause of removing the dandruff.

Following instructions

Although before using the ketomac instructions should be followed so that you can get the best effect of the disease.

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