Thursday, August 23, 2018

Paid Streaming Movies, Is it worth it?


Streaming movies online may not be the solution everyone is hyping it up to be. Sure there is a lot of benefits but do you really get something for nothing these days? Let us take a closer look at what streaming is and find out for ourselves.

"Free" Streaming services

First of all, you depend completely on the goodwill of the streamer and the internet chain of intermediaries EVERY TIME you want to access the content. Anyone who tried would be familiar with Mirror 1 or mirror 2 that do not work at all. You must accept any adware, malware, and frustration associated with it you may have to install or view in order to enjoy that movie or music. The file would sometimes be piggybacked by trojans and malware designed to get as much information from the user as it can. Not all websites are evil mind you, there are reputable streaming websites out there like 123movies, who offer movies for free to create traffic. So if you are asking can i stream new movies, yes you can but do it with due diligence and watch out for malware. Bear in mind though that this is free with no costs involved.

Paid Streaming services

Paid streaming services are when you pay a subscription fee, usually on a monthly basis to a provider very much like a cable tv service. Here is where you get the full benefits of streaming. Avoiding all the nasty incident above and making sure you just get pure content without the bloatware. Most of these providers offer multi-device access, which means you can watch across several of your devices at the same time.  You can do it on your Smart TV, your phone, or your laptop at your convenience.

Not only will you have peace of mind that you are not watching an illegal copy of a movie, you can also be rest assured that it will be in excellent quality when doing it from a paid app or service. The content will also be free from malware and other potentially dangerous viruses. Again we eliminate download times when it comes to streaming. Most paid streaming services have thousands of titles and tv shows to choose from so you will not ever run out of things to watch.

 Now almost 80% of content even personal files are stored online in a cloud. Advances in technology especially in communications make streaming rather than downloading the choice for many people. There are very few places left without internet access so you can enjoy these services practically everywhere.

What it boils down is this, are you the type who enjoys convenience but not willing to pay for it? then choose among the hundreds of free online movie streaming sites out there that is available. If you are the type of person who does not want an online presence, download the material you want to watch and enjoy it in private. If you want the full package, HD content, Ultra HD streaming, High Fidelity music, go for the paid streaming services and you will not regret it. It all comes down to your choice. Take your pick because it is a free world after all.

Author: verified_user