Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I Woof You- How To Express Your Love To Your Furry Friend

Are you head over heels in love with you four-legged buddy? Many pet owners have a special space in their heart for their loving, light-hearted and emotionally considerate canine companion.
Every pooch in this world, whether you’ve adopted it or bought it from a breeder or pet store, is worthy of warm and caring house!
Although, dogs are aware of the fact that you love them since you give them food, a roof to stay and treat them nicely, there are a few more ways to express your love. Sadly, they cannot respond in the same manner as we do!

So, rather than outpouring your pet with never-ending hugs and kisses, express your love in such a way that they’re able to appreciate it. Here we’ve enlisted certain ways to tell your pooch you love them.
Converse With Your Doggo
Perhaps, you’re already doing this. But, let us tell you having a conversation with your furry friend is the best way to express the eternal love you have for them. Studies have revealed that, pet dogs have to capability to comprehend human language better than what we would’ve thought.
Bear in mind, they understand each and everything you tell them, so avoid being harsh with them, because they know what you’re saying, after all. On the other hand, if you’ll talk to them in a loving manner, they’ll surely sense your love and care for them.
Lift Your Eyebrows
Forcefully gazing at your canine could make them feel aggressive. But if you share an adoring eye contact with them, it’ll show how affectionate you are towards them. As per a research, an affectionate stare between humans and their pooch tends to increase the level of ‘love hormone’ in them.
Besides, it’s also said that the more facial expressions you have on your face whilst staring at your furry companion, the greater is the emotional reaction they will draw out.
Lean On Your Pooch
Whether you believe us or not, it’s true that leaning on your pet indicates the love you have towards them! If ever your pooch has leaned on you, maybe when you were cooking or washing utensils, that was his/her way of giving you a hug!
So, if you wish to reciprocate to their love, simply lean on them tenderly. Well, you got to be mindful of not squishing them way too much.
Sleep Next To Them In Bed
The way you’d sleep with your baby, similarly, sleep next your pet to make them feel warm, safe and comfortable. This would in turn reinforce the bond that you share with them. Also, sharing your couch or bed with your four-legged friend will unwind the both of you.
Massage Or Groom Them
Every doggo loves being pet by their hoomans, especially belly rubs. Not to mention, petting your pooch releases oxytocin in both you and them, which makes them feel your true love. Apart from petting them, you can even take them for a gentle massage or grooming sesh.
Give Your Dog An Ear Rub
They say that, a pooch’s ear is full of nerve endings and it releases endorphins on being rubbed. In other words, ear rubs can make your dog high – literally!
You may have come across this before – seeing your pet enter a trance state when their ears are rubbed. This is definitely an indication of your love!
Go On Training Walks
Taking your pet dog for walks and training them would not only help you uphold their good behaviour, but also tell them know how much love you have for them.
Your canine friend also grows with a regular schedule, so having a similar schedule ever day would let them know that you’re actually concerned about their needs and wants.
Feed Them Using Your Hand
If your four-legged companion is still small, it’s better to feed it with your hand to strengthen the bond you share. Instead of a bowl, when you make use of your hands to feed your dog, they start feeling comfortable with you quickly, tend to eat slowly and are less possessive about food.
So, what is it that’s stopping you? Go home, give your pooch a belly or ear rub and tell them that you love them!

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